Bullied Girl Breaks Down After Judges Slam Buzzer, Ask Her To Perform Again But With New Song


Everyone’s got a song that takes them somewhere. It’s that one song that transports you to a moment caught in time, to a place forever locked in your mind and your soul. A song that plucks you from wherever you are physically standing, and takes you to a place where you are figuratively reliving. Certain songs have that power, and for me, it’s this one. This song is European sensation Robyn’s chart-topper “Dancing On My Own,” and it’s been re-done and slowed down to perfection for the judges on “Australia’s Got Talent.” It’s my favorite!

The singer’s name is Mikayla Jade and she’s 18-years-old from Adelaide. Dressed in nondescript clothing, fresh-faced with no makeup and natural hair, Mikayla steps on the stage, nervous.

She’s about to perform a heavy song, done by other contestants on previous shows who have succeeded with it, so she knows she’s got to bring everything she’s got to the table. The stakes are high, and she wants this oh-so-badly. The judges’ backs are turned, and it’s just her on the stage. This moment is for her. She tilts her head back, takes a deep breath and lets go.

Mikayla’s voice is low and reverberates beautifully, a perfect fit for the song. Her timbre is unique and gives her voice distinction. As she progresses into the song, she picks up speed and confidence, and then before she knows it, all four judges turn around towards her with big eyes and jaws dropped – everyone wants her. It’s at this point, she’s reached the end of her performance (or so she thought) and breaks down in tears. “You seem very surprised that you got turns. Are you surprised?” asks judge Boy George, to which she replies, “I’m shocked.” I love this song, and she did an excellent rendition!

Source: metaspoon