Get Up Close And Personal With The Stingrays During Feeding Time


This video is brought to you by Coyote Peterson who is a crazy animal adventurist who loves getting up close and personal with all types of critters. In this video, he is feeding some baby stingrays which are called pups. These sea creatures are amazing to look at in the way they move and how they eat. Because they do not have any teeth, they suction the food they eat right into their belly. Here, you will see Coyote giving these stingrays their breakfast.

This video is so interesting to watch because it teaches so much about the stingray and how it eats and moves. These sea creatures are very much like sharks without the teeth and dorsal fin. Coyote says their skin is exactly like a shark’s. As you watch this video, you will laugh out loud when you see the stingrays gobbling up the fish. Enjoy the presentation and make sure to Please SHARE on Facebook.

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