Generous Man Pays for People’s Groceries


Sometimes don’t you just wish that people payed for your stuff at checkout? Well, some people get lucky and actually have somebody barge in out of nowhere and do just this. Don’t believe it? If you don’t, you have to watch this video.
This video, which has been watched by more than one million people in just a couple of months, showcases a man who goes into the supermarket Kroger and just begins to throw money at the checkout counter when people are about to pay.

There are some buyers who just can’t believe what is happening. One can tell that some of them are going through difficult times financially and really did need the extra aid. There is a very popular saying that states that ‘it’s more blessed to give than it is to receive.’

Take a look at this video, but don’t forget to get a hold of a napkin first, as it gets more and more emotional. Don’t forget to rate it, and SHARE it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.