Garth Brooks Performs A Thanksgiving Song His Wife Wrote


When Garth Brooks visited The View, it was so he could perform a new hit that his beautiful wife, Trisha Yearwood wrote about Thanksgiving. This is a song that is all about what you are thankful for and it will deeply touch your heart. The ladies at The View simply could not get enough of the song! Garth Brooks fans will adore seeing him in this video!

Garth Brooks was once in retirement but has decided he wants to get back on the road. This song is featured on his and Trisha’s new holiday album which is available in stores. What an amazing performance this is! As you watch the video, you may just find a tear or two escapes your eyes. This is one of the best moments from the show so make sure to watch it all. After watching, be sure to Please SHARE on Facebook with your friends and family.