This is Your Fight Song


How beautiful is Scotland? ‘This is your fight’ is an immensely popular song among the Scottish-lovers! In this video, Rachel Platten makes a Scottish cover of this song and presents a scenic, beautiful and deep picture of Scotland, imbibing its traditions, values, cultures and history.

It takes the viewer through a fabulous journey across Scotland, with a host of instruments accompanying the journey. Bagpipers, cellos, pianos, drums and a vast number of other instruments give the song a free and independent flavour, which is quite what the air in Scotland feels like too.

This score also shows us the vast kinds of people who live in Scotland. All in all, the song packs a powerful and motivational punch with a flavour of freshness. The Scottish blend to the song really adds a lot of flavour.

The song is meant to promote solidarity and unity among the Scottish people by showing them the riches that they have by virtue of living in Scotland. The brisk pace at which the song picks up tempo will leave you mesmerized for sure. Please SHARE this on Facebook.