Fathers, The Most Beautiful Person In Your Life


Fathers are the most special man in any girl’s life and their first love too. A daughter’s life is incomplete without her father’s love; he makes his little girl’s world beautiful by his presence. When you were small, what would you have thought if you knew you had to spend a birthday without your father? Unfortunately, some kids have to, with their fathers away on a far away land.

This video shows a soldier father who goes to his daughter’s elementary school on her birthday to surprise her! He takes some balloons, pink-colored flowers and a special note for his daughter. As soon as he enters the class where his daughter is, he starts singing ‘Happy Birthday’ and the little girl hugs her father on seeing him. Later, the father reads out the framed note to his daughter.

The bond between fathers and daughters is extremely special. For a daughter, having her father stand by her side on her life’s important days is what matters the most and makes her day special and memorable. Please SHARE on Facebook if you can relate!