The Most Extreme Reaction To A New Born Baby


The prospect of having a newborn sibling to most children can be such a thrilling and happy moment and they would be curious to see how the new visitor looks like.

However, sometimes this thought can be as irritating and boring as how this adorable two year old toddler felt in this video.

In the video, a father interviews a two year old girl named Piper on how she feels about her new coming sibling sister. The girl seems not amused and pleased to the news and reacts negatively.

As you go down the video, there is stunning voice coming from her father asking her “Hey Piper, do you like your baby sister?” The question receives a firm “no” response from the mad Piper.

As she continues to slam her stomach against the door and stamp her feet in defiance, her father asks her whether she would like to hug her little sister.Again, he is hit with a huge ‘no’ response.

The little girl refuses to hug both her mom and dad and goes ahead to lie on the floor as she cries out loudly despite her father’s effort to comfort her.

Again, her father asks her for the last time if she would want to see her sibling sister. The mad ‘no’ response from her would tell that there is no way she would rejoice.

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