Eraser: A Malaysian Drama You Need to See!


Eraser, a Malaysian Drama, is a short film based on the love story of two high school students who belong to different races. The lesson that this short film conveys is that love cuts through all boundaries including that of different race.

The theme of the story does seem a bit mainstream. We have a boy and a girl falling in love with each other in their classroom. But it’s the ending that makes the difference.

Over time, the boy makes advances on the girl by calling up her home and her mother finds out. And as with most real stories in life, the mother objects to their relationship because the boy does not belong to the same race as her.

Unable to be together, the couple are distraught as what to do next. The girls gets emotional and remembers all the memorable times she has spent with the boy. The boy is heart broken. Watch this video to find out how the boy convinces the mother of the girl to finally accept their relationship and how he shows that if the love between two people is true, mere barriers like race can’t come in the way.

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