This Dog Decides To Do The Unexpected And Leaves All Jaw-Dropped.So Funny


Nowadays, it is a common thing to come across videos of dogs that are performing numerous acts which many people thought they were not capable of. Even it has become a normal thing to find out that your own friends have gone into arrogance of how their pets behave very well, when they are at the hands of their guidance, a thing which makes them very eager to let you see the new trick or move that their dog has learned. Taking that into consideration, it can be very refreshing to see a dog easily disrespecting any idea of submission and just act like a normal dog.

Dogs from the Golden Retrievers race are known for their obedience nature. In this video, the Golden starts a difficulty course of self-control, by passing a clear message to all that he will not be doing nothing like that at all. From the starting mark, he just heads to a direction where he is not supposed to go, making it a hard choice of not cheering at this rule breaker.

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