The Crocodile Hunter’s Daughter Impresses DWTS Crowd with Her Dance Skills


It seems that the late Steve Irwin (known as the Crocodile Hunter) left behind a very talented family that keep making the last name Irwin stay strong in the media. For proof, you just have to check this video out.
In this video, you’ll watch his 17-year-old daughter, Bindi Irwin, dancing with Derek Hough at the very popular television show Dancing with the Stars. The routine that they chose to showcase their dance skills was simple but exquisite. It didn’t fail to cause emotion in the crowd and amongst the judges.

It is safe to state that not a lot of people knew what Bindi Irwin was capable of doing other things that did not involve the hunting of crocodiles, as this is another passion of hers that she takes very seriously, too.
This is definitely a very emotional dance sequence. Go ahead and watch it to find out her scores! Don’t forget to rate it, and SHARE it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

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