Create a Dreamy Tahini Sauce In Your Home


Looking to have a great sauce that is home made? You will love to have a Tahini sauce then that can be used with many of the food that you have in your daily life. In this video, we have Adam and Joanne in the kitchen teaching you how to make delicious Tahini sauce.

Theis lemony and garlic tasting Tahini sauce will be loved by all and all you need is a knife and a couple of other things you will readily find in your kitchen. You will also need lemon juice and some olive oil with salt and whisk. You will need to add some water to it, just as the video will tell you and you’re done! You can apply the sauce to your daily bread and even make it thinner if you want it to taste different. You can even add parsley, cumin and pepper. Enjoy it as a snack or as an appetizer with your main course. Check out the video as to what all you could do with this Tahini sauce.

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