A Couple of Cool Grandparents Sing the Frozen Song Love is An Open Door While They’re Driving


People who have children and adult fans of Disney are already very familiar with all of the different songs from the movie Frozen, to the point where people can easily sing and recite each and every one of the lyrics by heart today. The grandparents in this video easily manage to do so. They’re in the car, presumably driving their grand kids around, and they just start singing the classic Frozen song Love is an Open Door.

Naturally, the song in the movie is sung by young people. It takes on a very different tone when older people who have been married for decades sing the song, which has a way of making it seem more effective. Both singers are talented, and yet they’re also not taking the performance too seriously. People should please SHARE this video on Facebook, since it is sure to make fans of Frozen and everyone else smile.

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