Cops Pay Tribute To Six-Year-Old Boy Who Was Found At The Bottom Of An Icy Pond


This video is absolutely heart wrenching to watch! David Puckett wondered away from his home on New Year’s Eve and was missing for days before being found at the bottom of an icy pond. His parents had put out a $10,000 reward for information leading to his discovery. Unfortunately, this poor little one had already died in the icy depths!

In this video, the cops who worked to try and find the six-year-old laid a wreath at the icy pond during a memorial service. His parents are so distraught and it still has not sunk in that their little boy is gone. Police do not believe any foul play was involved and think the boy likely just fell into the pond and drowned. While this video is horribly sad, a warning needs to be sent to everyone who lives near bodies of water. Watch the video and Please SHARE on Facebook so others can see.