Complicated Animal Rescue Involving a Wild Leopard and a Well


Many animals rescues involve domesticated animals, or at least tame animals that are frequently in contact with humans. In this video, people will get the chance to watch a wild leopard get rescued from a well in detail. The leopard appears to have been there for a long enough time that he or she has become somewhat listless. The leopard displays a few moments of defensive aggression during the video, baring his or her teeth. However, for the most part, the leopard only really comes to life after being successfully lifted to safety.

A group of forest officials and local villagers set up a complicated apparatus that involves getting the leopard safely to a cage. The leopard is successfully rescued by the end of the video, to the delight of everyone involved. Many people all over Facebook would eagerly watch this video again and again just for the chance to see this heroic rescue on repeat.

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