Cold-Case Murder May Finally Be Solved Decades Later!


This video recounts the chilling details of a murder that happened back in 1989. The body of nineteen-year-old Sarah DeLeon was found by the railroad tracks. She had been brutally stabbed multiple times. After years of no leads, the case was put on standby. Thankfully, in 2014, it was reopened because of DNA evidence and the police were able to find their suspect and bring her into custody.

After all these years, Carolyn Heckert most likely thought she got away with the murder. If she is the one who did this horrible deed, let’s all hope the justice system puts her away to pay for her crimes. The poor victim was murdered just a few days after Christmas and was left to die alone. Now, she and her family will finally get the closure and justice they deserve after waiting so long. After you watch this chilling video, Please SHARE on Facebook for your friends.

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