Chow Chow Puppy Enjoys A Fun Game Of Paw With His Owner


The adorable Chow Chow pup in this video is so cute, he looks like a furry teddy bear! In this video, you will see him playing a special paw game with this owner and it is too adorable for words. This little fellow is so cute, he will instantly win your heart. As you watch the video, you will wish you could reach through the screen and give this soft, fluffy buddy a hug.

Each time his owner puts down a hand, the adorable Chow Chow pup puts his paw on top. This sweet dog is amazing to watch and because the video is short, you may want to watch it more than once so you can smile again and again. This owner is truly lucky to have such a special pooch! He is smart and so sweet, you will wish you were his owner. Watch this sweet video and make sure to Please SHARE on Facebook.