This Battered Woman Was Rescued By Her Best Friend


In this video, you will learn about a very sad story that involves a woman who spent several years being beaten by an abusive boyfriend. But luckily for her an unexpected friend was going to come to her aid. That friend was actually a dog who the battered woman saved from a litter of puppies that was abandoned by its mother. The woman whose name is Amanda did not know just how important this tiny puppy was going to be to her future.

The Alaskan Husky puppy was the only thing that Amanda found comfort in because she was forced to shut out her friends and family. The dog became Amanda’s rock and finally gave her enough strength to get out of the abusive relationship. Now 3 years later, Amanda is doing much better and has moved on with her life thanks to her dog. She now blogs about her experience and has become a professional photographer often taking pictures of her beloved dog. Please SHARE this video with friends and family on Facebook.

Frank Cruz

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