Bacon-Wrapped Smokies in the Crock Pot are the Perfect Appetizer This Summer!


This is the perfect kind of recipe to throw together on a hot day because you do not have to heat up your kitchen! All you need for this recipe is some cocktail weiners, bacon, brown sugar, and water. In the video, you will see how you will need to wrap each Smokie in bacon and then place a toothpick through them. Once all of the wieners are wrapped, you will simply need to throw them in the crock pot with some brown sugar and water and let them cook. Can you imagine the bacony goodness that will be wafting through your kitchen?

If you love an easy recipe, this is the perfect video to watch. These wieners would be delicious for a summer BBQ! For an easy tip with cleanup, simply use a Crock Pot liner and then you can just throw the mess away after everyone has enjoyed these delicious treats. Check out this easy recipe video and Please SHARE on Facebook.