Baby Elephant Falls in a Well and Loses His Family When Rangers Step in to Help


If it weren’t for the rangers in this video, a baby elephant would have likely died. When they came upon him, he was stuck down in a well he had fallen in. Thankfully, there was no major injury and they were able to pull the baby from the well and bring him to safety. Unfortunately, his mother and herd were nowhere to be found. The rangers tied the little guy to a tree and waited all day long for his family to return to find him. Just when they were about to give up, the baby perked up, hearing the sounds of his family!

When you see this amazing video, you will have no choice but to smile. This moment is so sweet to witness and is one you will love to watch. When the ranger runs and attempts to get the baby to chase him, his goal is to get him closer to his herd. Finally, the little elephant runs off and rushes to join his family. When he is reunited with his mother, all the rangers’ hard work was worth it! If this story touched you, Please SHARE on Facebook!