This Baby And Dog Are Racing Across The Floor At Lighting Speed!


This little dog is acting just like a baby or is the baby acting like the little dog? It is really hard to tell who is copying who in this very cute video. As you can see the baby and the dog is are crawling around on the floor together. Whatever the baby does so does the pooch! The mother of the baby finds this to be really amusing and you can hear her laughing out loud!

It seems as if they are racing across the floor and the baby is much faster than the dog. Watching this will really put a big smile on your face! As the baby nears the finish line the dog is far behind and the mother is cheering both the dog and the baby on. The dog finally gives up on the race and jumps up and walks away. Please make sure to SHARE this very cute dog and baby race with everyone you know on Facebook.


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