Baby Deer Rescued and Released Back to the Wild


This kind hearted person adopted a baby deer and released it back to the wild.

After two baby white tail deer were born in his backyard the poster noticed that one of the twin fawns was injured and could not keep up with her mother and twin brother. Alone in the yard the fawn was at risk of being eaten by predators so the fawn became a member of the family. After introducing the fawn to the household dogs and cats she had a leg brace made and steadily made a recovery.

After lots of fun and games with the other animals, including one surrogate canine dad, another amazing thing happens. The man who adopted the fawn takes her into the wild and manages to find her long lost real mother. Despite the bond he has formed with the young deer he knows she belongs with her real family. After a few failed attempts he manages to find the baby’s mom and reunite the family. As a heart warming update the little deer family have since been spotted, still all together, alive and well.