Annika Verplancke Proves You Can Mix Ballet And Hip-Hop In One Epic Dance Number


Annika Verplancke is a young girl with a truly unique talent. She is only thirteen years old and has the talent of someone much older. Here, she is performing a choreographed number that combines hip-hop and ballet dance into one ultra combo you have to see to believe! On one side of her is the ballet look and the other is a hip-hop leotard. While she starts out with ballet moves, she quickly shows her dance number is going to be much more advanced than that.

You would not think ballet and hip-hop dance would work well together but Annika proves it can when the choreography is just right. Seeing her perform at the Youth America Grand Prix 2015 European Semi-Final will bring you joy. This performance took place in Paris, France. Annika proved her talent to the world! Watch this amazing performance and Please SHARE on Facebook so everyone can enjoy her great talent.