American Soldier Adopts Puppy in Iraq and Refuses to Leave Him Behind When Going Home


As the soldier says in this video, you do not leave behind a friend! When this soldier’s outfit was stationed in Iraq, they found a helpless puppy and took him in. Ollie quickly became their best buddy, helping to keep their morale up when things were tough during fighting. When it came time for the soldiers to come home, this soldier refused to leave behind his furry friend. As you will see in this video, it took some time and money, but Ollie was soon reunited with one of the men who saved his life.

When the soldier arrived back home in California, he contacted the SPCA International and they worked to go and rescue Ollie so he could be reunited with those who saved him. When you see the reunion between these two, you will be overcome with joy. Thankfully, this sweet dog will never have to endure the cruelty of war again! Check out this touching video and Please SHARE on Facebook.

CBS SF Bay Area