Amazing Mating Dance of the Tiny and Beautiful Peacock Spider


Nature can be truly beautiful sometimes. However, when people think of beauty in nature, they’ll typically think of such animals as parrots, peacocks, or butterflies. Spiders don’t usually even make the list. This spider, however, is something else. It’s called the peacock spider, and it is aptly named. It has a beautiful back, which looks almost like a feather. Imprinted on this back is a beautiful pattern, which somewhat resembles a clown face.

This video documents the mating ritual of the spider, which involves a fancy display of its colorful back, and some complex movements of its limbs. One interesting note about these movements is that they are entirely asymmetrical, which is very different from most other species’ mating rituals.

Amazingly, the spider has never been caught on video before this series of videos was made. While it has long been documented, it may be that nobody has taken a close look at the tiny spider. Be sure to share this video on Facebook, and astound your friends.