Amazing Infants Trained in Survival Swimming

One of the most heart breaking, yet all too common tragedies of common households is an infant falling in a pool. Thousands of babies and small children every year fall into and drown in pools, most of them never being mentioned beyond the local paper. However, that doesn’t mean that they are helpless.

As the toddlers in this video demonstrate, it’s fully possible to train a small child or infant to survive a drop in the pool, or even to swim. The simple, yet effective techniques which they use are fascinating, and beautiful to watch, as every child trained might be a life saved.

In the video, a father seemingly forgets to close the house’s back door. His son, who can barely walk, eventually finds his way out and into the nearby pool. However, instead of struggling or sinking, he quickly kicks his way to the surface, where he calls for his father. If the video touched you, or perhaps you want to ensure the safety of children you know, be sure to share this video on Facebook.

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