Adorably Friendly Meerkats Beg For Love And Attention


While meerkats are generally not overly friendly, this pair has been rescued and they are feeling the love! As you will hear in the video, they are making a cute begging sound you just have to hear to believe. They are so sweet as they beg for attention and want to have their heads stroked. What an adorable pair these two are! You will just want to reach out and give them loves.

Who knew meerkats could be such sociable animals. Most people only see them in wild packs so it is hard to believe these two will just crave attention like they are in this video. Seeing them begging to be petted is sure to make your day! These little guys are too adorable and they deserve lots of love and attention anytime they ask for it. Thankfully, they are safe, protected, and being loved. Watch and Please SHARE on Facebook with your friends.

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